Shipping commences once all 125 tickets have been sold (or by 26th February 2021 - whichever comes first).
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Someone will receive a first printing STAR WARS #1 from 1977 - for just £4.95! A book with more key first appearances than you can shake a stick at!

This book features the first comic book appearances of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, C-3PO, R2-D2, Grand Moff Tarkin. It features the introduction of the Stormtroopers. It’s also the 1st cover appearances of Obi Wan Kenobi and Han Solo. THIS BOOK IS PURE FIRE and an absolute MUST HAVE for Star Wars fans, comic book fans or simply those who want to own an actual part of pop culture history.

Since last year, this book continues to break sales records week on week, month on month with staggering records being set left right and centre. This is an investment level key comic book of genuinely epic proportions that defines a generation.

Please be clear on the rules of the Star Wars #1 (1977) Do or Do Not Lucky Box:

1) Only 1 out of the 125 available tickets will receive the Star Wars #1 (1977) comic, 124 others will get a random Star Wars comic. FOR CLARITY: If you do not receive Star Wars #1 first printing (1977), you WILL receive another random Star Wars comic. If you purchase multiple tickets, you may receive duplicates of the same comic.

2) Your box is guaranteed to contain 1 x STAR WARS comic book. Lesser value Star Wars comics (that is comics NOT being Star Wars #1 first printing from 1977) have to be included in order for someone to be able to receive the Grail, that is a complete, first printing Star Wars #1 (1977) featuring all the first appearances as listed above. It is currently one of the most sought after key comic books not just here on earth but everywhere – even in galaxies far, far away. The odds are against you.

3) You may not get the comic you want. We're sorry about that but please understand this is about risk vs reward (and of course, a little fun!). Is the force with you? Are you feeling lucky?

4) There are only 125 spots in this comic quest.

5) This is completely random. The 125 comics have been bag & boarded in advance, placed individually in sealed unmarked opaque envelopes, mixed around and then placed inside sturdy comic book mailers where purchase labels are added randomly after each ticket is sold.

6) UK shipping is not included in the £4.95 price. For this item, normal UK shipping charges apply. For international shipping rates, please contact us.

7) Returns and refunds are not accepted under any circumstances given the nature of the lucky boxes.

8) Shipping commences once all 125 tickets have been sold (or by 26th February 2021 - whichever comes first). For example, if the 125 tickets sell out after a couple of days, all 125 comics will be dispatched then. If the 125 boxes do not sell out, regardless of how many have sold, all purchased lucky boxes will then be dispatched on 26th February 2021. If you are in any way unclear on when the boxes will be dispatched, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to purchase for clarification. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions currently in place across Northern Ireland, FREE instore collection and/or CLICK & COLLECT is not permitted for this lucky box. To purchase a lucky box, please complete the checkout process on our online store.

Good luck! May the force be with you all!



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    Star Wars Lucky box

    Posted by Thomas Norton on 13th Feb 2021

    This is the second lucky box I took part in and both times been very happy with what I got. Have not won it but still happy with what came.